NB Muleless

NB Muleless
Moored at Alrewas Sept 2013

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

The Shake Down Cruise at Last!

Sorry for the delay in posting – we have been so busy moving on board and getting all the last minute bits sorted we havent had time to sort out the new computer so that we can post the blog.

Just a quick post with a couple of pictures today to test everything is working and to let you see Muleless on the water!


A sigh of relief as we start cruising at last!


Making our way down the River Soar.



Our first nights mooring spot  at Barrow on Soar, just before Barrow Deep Lock.

I will post more details and photos later!


  1. Hi Gary and Della,
    Congratulations on your first cruise in Muleless. She looks a lovely boat and we wish you good cruising and happy times in her.
    Look forward to meeting you on the cut some day.
    Steve and Chris

    1. Hi Steve and Chris
      Thanks for the good wishes. We are watching the build of AmyJo with interest and look forward to meeting up and comparing notes!
      Gary and Della

  2. Hi Both
    Muleless looks fabulous. Now get out there and enjoy!!!
    See you on the cut sometime.

    1. Hi Geoff and Mags
      We are pleased with her and cant wait to get going properly in a few weeks time.
      You have done a fantastic job on Seyellas new paint work -perhaps you missed your calling!
      Look forward to meeting up with you one day.
      Gary and Della

  3. Hi,
    To light your reflex:- You will need a bottle of meths handy. I assume you have a fuel feed that is open. Turn the knob on the float chamber at the back halfway, use a torch to look into the fire, if your fuel feed is ok you will see diesel trickling into the chamber, if there is no fuel feed then you have a problem with your float chamber.
    Assuming the fuel feed is there pour in at least three capfuls of meths. Strike a match and drop it into the chamber, the meths should light, shut the lid.
    At the back of the fire by the float chamber, there is a spring loaded button start pressing it in and releasing, it should click each time you do this, keep doing this until it doesn’t click anymore. (this is a safety device which only works when the chamber gets hot, if you don’t do this it will simply choke off the diesel and the fire will go out!) You may hear some crackling, this is the burning meths lighting the diesel and is quite normal.
    Leave the fire running for a couple of minutes, the cage inside the chamber will start to glow red and the flames will change from yellow to blue. Your fire is now lit and you can adjust it with the knob at the back.
    Whatever you do, if the fire goes out when you light it, turn the knob off to stop the diesel flow and do not attempt to light it until it is completely cold……..if you do, it will take your eyebrows off!!
    My number is 07909 902543, call me if you have any problems.
    Regards, George