NB Muleless

NB Muleless
Moored at Alrewas Sept 2013

Sunday 30 June 2013

Getting Close Now!

Again, sorry for the gap in posting, we have been up to the boat twice , but didn't take pictures the first visit as there wasn't a lot to see again!

Second visit was much better – not only had more visible work been done, but Muleless was outside as well – so much nicer than being in the shed!

Picture 013

Stove now connected and trim finished round tiles.

Picture 020

Drinking water tap now fitted.

Picture 023 Picture 007

Pigeon boxes now complete – fully lined and prisms fitted.

Picture 028

Bedside lights and heating controls fitted.

Lots of work has been done in the “utility room”.

Picture 032

Extra slim washer/dryer positioned.

Picture 031

Boot/shoe cupboard built (we don't think the shelf is actually crooked – just an optical illusion – will check next visit!)

Picture 034

Steps well under way, bottom step will slide in to access washing machine. All steps have storage.

We spent a very happy couple of hours on the boat in the sunshine, and were able to admire her new livery from a distance.

Picture 037

All the cupboards have shelves now, and the doors have been made and should be fitted by next visit.

Thanks to Waiouru for keeping an eye on Muleless and the guys working on her (they were amazed that they had been spotted!). We were sorry to have missed Tom and Jan!

We will be back up to the boat early next week – and hopefully will soon have a launch date!!!!

Sunday 16 June 2013

The finish is in sight

Sorry for the gap in posting – but there wasnt an awful lot to see last week. There is a lot of work being done in the background, and lots of small finishing touches at the moment.

So here are the highlights from last week.

Picture 010

Pigeon boxes have been lined in oak.

Picture 012

Mushroom vents have been painted satin black and fitted.

Other work had been done in preparation for this week.

Picture 009

The hearth has been tiled and the stove placed in position ready for fitting.

Picture 011

Bathroom sink and tap fitted.

Picture 017

Oak trim finished in bedroom.

Picture 018

Oak floor in bedroom.

The ballast has been adjusted – and is hopefully correct for final levels.

Oh – and the best bit this week – the signwriter has been busy.

Picture 002

Picture 005

So thanks to Kevin Regan for a fantastic job – we are now officially NB Muleless!!!

Sunday 2 June 2013

Brilliant Crick Weekend

Well, what can we say about Crick that hasnt already been said! Weather was fab, crowds of people, lots of money spent – and I dont just mean on beer and food!!

We bumped into Nick Thorpe and his wife Wendy, who built our shell and had a good natter to them. We have promised to drop by with Muleless when we start to cruise, so that they can admire her fully!

Picture 001

We also bumped into Paul, Elaine, Bombo and Sam from Caxton – sorry guys, we forgot to take a picture! It was great chatting and we look forward to meeting you out on the cut for a proper get together!

Also, we were spotted by our old neighbours and friends Jane and Malcolm – who were introduced to narrowboating by us when we took them for a weeks holiday out of Milton Keynes (on the dreaded Canaltime boat) a few years back, and now they own their own 40ft narrowboat and are enjoying themselves on it.

Picture 010

The only down side of the weekend was not being able to see our own boat – apart from the pictures in MGM’s tent – really frustrating, so we had to go up to Leicester on friday to catch up with Muleless.

The window liners are now in and looking fabulous, the oak floor has been laid in the saloon, dinette and galley, but has been covered with blue cling film to protect it for the time being.

Picture 003

The doors and hatches have been lined.

Picture 006 Picture 020

Picture 019 Picture 023

Our galley appliances have been fitted and are awaiting doors.

Picture 011 Picture 010

Bathroom cabinets have been built.

Picture 016

Phew! Also, the stove has been delivered but not fitted yet.

Back to the boat next weekend – cant wait!!