NB Muleless

NB Muleless
Moored at Alrewas Sept 2013

Tuesday 30 April 2013

We have an engine!!!

When we arrived at the boat yard this week there was no sign of Muleless - she has now been moved back into the floating dock for easier all round access.

Last Monday the engine arrived and Mark and Martin wasted no time getting it into the engine bay. We are having a hydrid engine from Hybrid Marine, and this is a first for MGM - so they are looking forward to fitting everything and seeing how it all works!
The engine is a Beta 43 with the hybrid attachment.

Inverter/charger etc part of the electrical bits for the hybrid system.

There has been excitement in the galley area too - not only have the worktops been fitted but also our sink and hob!

Ceramic inset sink.

Induction hob.

At this stage of the build there is a lot going on in the background, so not so much to see that changes every week.
So its watch this space to see what happens next week!

Sunday 21 April 2013

WOW - I say WOW!!!

Yesterday we made this weeks trip up to the boat.

At last we have lovely weather to travel in and sunshine when we arrived - what a brilliant boating day Saturday was!!

Of course we werent able to travel on the boat, but this weeks visit was well worth it!

We stepped on board and WOW the kitchen had been tiled!

And then we noticed that the shower cubicle had been installed, so walked through to the bathroom and . . .  WOW the bathroom had been tiled too, both walls and floor.
Although the toilet was there too, it has not been fixed yet, it was just being positioned!

Then, we went through to the bedroom, and WOW . . . what a lot had happened in there this week!

One of the radiators has been hung on the wall . . .

Wardrobes, bedside cabinets and overhead cupboards have also been nearly completed.
We are impressed with MGM's attention to detail - the panel at the back of the wardrobe is for accessing the sliding bathroom door for easy maintenance- and the pipes on the calorifier are also easily accessed through the wardrobe - they will be boxed in when complete.

We had expected Muleless to be in the floating dock this week, but she was still outside. Martin told us that it wasnt worth putting it in the dock just to come out again on Monday - as the engine is being delivered and installed then . . . WOW!!!

Cant wait for next week to see the next stage!

Tuesday 16 April 2013

Oxygen masks deployed!

Things are now moving so fast we are getting breathless - but it was ok when we reached Muleless as the oxygen masks had been deployed!!

If you look closely you will see they are in fact lights!
We have decided that as so much is happening now, we need to visit every week to keep track on what is going on. So on 6 April we found we had top cupboards in the galley and also the beginnings of a cupboard in the saloon.
The detail on the oak trim is coming along nicely too.

On 12 April we took another visit and had to lie down! - to test our bed for size!
We have gone for a cross bed with drop down foot end with slim mattress infill.
Lots of storage under the bed for those lesser used items . . .
and drawers at the end for easy access.
Next week Muleless should be back in the floating dock ready for all round access and there should be a start on plumbing and electrics.