NB Muleless

NB Muleless
Moored at Alrewas Sept 2013

Sunday 19 May 2013

Think we need a better TV Aerial!

This weeks visit to the boatyard saw the TV cabinet and dinette coming along nicely!

Due to taking our 42inch TV with us, this took a bit of planning! But as usual, Martin did a grand job!

Picture 001

TV tucked away, with space for necessary boxes and additional storage.

Picture 005

TV pulled out for viewing – but we definately need a decent aerial – the picture is dreadful!

Samples of the oak floor can also be seen – this will look great when fitted over the next couple of weeks!

The dinette also took a bit of working out -

Picture 006

Dinette shown here in seating 4 mode -

Picture 007

And here showing removable back supports to enable guests to face saloon or create open space in saloon/dinette area.

Picture 008

Dinette shown here in seat 6 mode for those dinner parties we will be having!

There has also been work in the bathroom this week.

Picture 015

There had been a bit of a delay due to the basin being out of stock in a well known diy store for months – so we sourced another from the internet – cheaper!

The man with the batteries arrived this week – and installed and commissioned them.

Picture 027

This is just half of them! We did say we were having a hybrid drive!

Also this weekend, on the way to the boatyard to made a visit to Whalin Upholstery to choose our fabrics!

No visit to the boat next week, as it is Crick. Mark and Martin will be showing Repose and we will be looking around and getting some bargains ready for our launch!

Monday 13 May 2013

Lots of work in the background and a reunion

This weeks visit to the boat saw – or rather didn't see – lots of work in the background!

Lots of wiring and plumbing and testing and lacquering but not a lot to take pictures of!

Picture 012

The shower now has our corner shelf unit fixed and the plumbing ready for those all important hot showers after a hard days boating in the rain/snow or for cooling down after a hot summers day cruise!

Picture 015

The toilet is almost completely plumbed in – just needs the tiling to be finished off around it.

Martin had not been able to work flat out this week due to a problem with his arm – although this is OK now. So the dinette and TV cabinet are still works in progress – so no photos of these until they are finished.

Saturday evening saw the reunion of the Portsmouth City Council Typing Centre Girls – we all worked together back in the early 80s. Some of the girls still work together – others left to work elsewhere – but we still like to get together every few years to catch up.

Thanks to Karen for hosting these wonderful events – and especially for organising this one so that everyone could see me before we sail off into the sunset!

Girls Night 011



Always a pleasure to meet up with you all – and hopefully some of you will visit us on the canals!

Tuesday 7 May 2013

More bits in the engine bay

We visited MGM again on 4 May. The drive up was a bit hairy in places when we passed through some really heavy downpours – one of which was so heavy we could barely see the road! But once we got to the boatyard the weather improved.

Plenty of work has been going on, but not a lot to show this week.

Picture 016

Hospital silencer and Hurricane Heater fixed in position.

Picture 017

Tiles on floor in utility room

Picture 019

Grout in bathroom tiles . . .

Picture 020

and galley tiles.

Picture 006

Oak around hatches

Martin is busy building the dinette and TV cabinet in the saloon – but these are still in the design stage so no photos yet!

Mark is beavering away with all the electrics and plumbing and engine stuff.

Check back next week to see more progress.