NB Muleless

NB Muleless
Moored at Alrewas Sept 2013

Tuesday 23 July 2013

Nearly there – honest!!!

Such a lot is happening really fast now – it is amazing how much work goes into the finishing touches – but it is worth it.

We have been visiting more frequently – due to Gary actually being retired now!!! (early of course – he is not THAT old!)

So here are the latest pictures -

Picture 027

Our bin has a purpose built home under the sink! Martin has shaped the shelf to hold it in place.

Picture 001

Our first trip on Muleless – only a short one, testing the hybrid drive whilst moving the boat into the paint dock for the finishing touches – but it did feel good to be surrounded by water!

20-07-2013 Pic 001 20-07-2013 Pic 003

The cratch is nearly finished – just waiting on the cover now!

20-07-2013 Pic 010

Front doors to lowered well deck now completed and lockable.

20-07-2013 Pic 014

The sliding door between the bathroom and cabin is now complete including white glass -

20-07-2013 Pic 015

The door now makes the cabin quite cosy!

20-07-2013 Pic 018

Engine now ready to go after it was commissioned by Graham at Hybrid Marine.

20-07-2013 Pic 019

We even have our plank and pole!

The next time we go up to Leicester we are starting to take  our stuff up and put on board, as we really are NEARLY THERE!!!!


  1. It's looking great. Do you have a launch date :)

    1. We are hoping to "launch" this weekend if all goes well!!
      Gary and Della