NB Muleless

NB Muleless
Moored at Alrewas Sept 2013

Monday 24 December 2012

Coming along slowly

On Friday 7 December we drove up to MGM to check on progress.

The spray foaming had been completed and as the river levels had dropped Muleless has now been moved into the floating dock/paint shed that had just been vacated.

At last we can visit and see Muleless in the water as she should be!

Spray foam complete and lineout started - looking to rear of boat.

Looking to front of boat - note full height door through to lowered well deck.

Outside, you can see the non slip surface has been added to the roof, ready to be painted over.

We spent some time going round the boat with Mark from MGM discussing the colour scheme. Muleless will be burgundy, black and cream.

And at long last, we were able to get a proper look at our bespoke pigeon boxes that Nick Thorpe built for us - we hadnt been able to see the roof of the boat very well whilst she was out of the water!

We will pop up to MGM again over Christmas to see how the painting is coming along.

In the meantime, hope everyone out there has a very merry christmas and happy new year and no-one gets washed away in floods (or frozen in if the weather suddenly changes!).

See you next year!!


  1. Happy Christmas to you both, Muleless is looking great, we look forward to some more pictures soon!

  2. Starting to look even more interesting