NB Muleless

NB Muleless
Moored at Alrewas Sept 2013

Thursday 9 October 2014

Coventry and beyond

As we had arrived in the basin quite late, we decided to treat ourselves to a takeaway. So after sorting out the boat we headed off looking for food!

We headed towards the town centre, it was just starting to get dark and after a very quick look, we decided we were too tired to explore further and headed back to the Kebab shop we had passed.


The next morning, after changing our mooring slightly, we had a quick look around the basin before heading off.


Our first destination was the Transport Museum (free entry!!) Gary would have spent hours in there!

It was interesting and we also went on the simulator for the Thrust SSC World Land Speed Record – I’m glad I wasnt in the real thing!!


They also had a huge display of toy cars and a fantastic model railway – something to aspire to Terry!!


After all that transport, we were in need of lunch, so headed off to the Wetherspoons we had found.

The next item on the agenda was a trip to the top of the tower of the Cathedral!


Gary was amazed that I made it to the top – the small spiral staircase seemed to go on for ever!!

We really should have taken the binoculars!!


Back at the bottom (phew!!) we had a look round the old and new buildings.


We then had a wander around the shops – just to see what was there!!

Totally exhausted we made our way back to the boat for the evening.

It is only 48 hrs mooring in the basin, so having decided that it was worth the journey and we could return at another time, we did the usual services and left the basin.


We retraced our steps back up the canal, this time I remembered to take a photo of Cash’s Houses.


I noticed a strange phenomenon along the canal – rubbish filled carrier bags hanging on the fence – and only one rubbish bin!


As we passed Swan Lane Wharf and had a good look in we saw Steam Narrowboat Hasty on its mooring.


As we passed the allotments we spotted this comfy fishing spot!


We had decided to stop at Tescos for some shopping, so pulled in on the “unofficial” mooring spot!


We were soon on our way again, and no sooner had we pulled away than fuel boat Auriga was heading towards us.

As we were still passing the mooring rings, we took the opportunity to top up the main diesel tank – only first we managed to get something round the prop and were stranded mid canal as Auriga approached.

Auriga passed us slowly and tried to push us to the side, and as Gary put Muleless in reverse the obstruction moved and we were able to gently make it to the side to tie up and fill up!

The prop seemed clear, so we were then able to carry on. We were soon passing under the last bridge – phew we had made it out with barely any problems!


We then turned right onto the Oxford canal, and for a change I was still on the boat!


Of course I then had to get off to work the stop lock! Gosh a lock – we hadnt done one of those for four weeks!


Just round the bend there was a nice spot – so we moored up for the night!


Now we were back on the Oxford Canal our destination (eventually) was Banbury – one last visit this year before the stoppages!

We moved on this now familiar bit of canal and once again moored by the golf course at Ansty.


Whilst we were there, Gary spotted some engineering trains! (Sleepers for a track renewal and auto-hoppers of ballast)


The next night we moored by All Oaks Wood, were it was very busy and we only just squeezed in.


As we moved on the next day we passed Brinklow Marina.


Chance and Oakapple were both in there somewhere!

Just a bit further on we went through Newbold Tunnel, and stopped straight after it to fill with water, and whilst we were there a boat came through the tunnel – guess who!


NB Oakapple with Richard and Sharon!! They thought we were still in Coventry as the blog is so far behind!!

After a quick chat, we changed our immediate plans, and agreed to meet them at Hillmorton for a proper catch up!

We were soon full, so were on our way behind them, squeezing through between workboats and dredgers that were working along that stretch!


We caught up with Oakapple just before Clifton Cruisers – we thought they had a problem – but it was only that they had stopped to collect some floating fenders – we think Richard has a fender fetish, they are always collecting them!


We were soon moored up together at Hillmorten, and the chairs were deployed on the towpath and drinks were poured!


A rare photo taken with the timer!

After a great afternoon, we retired to our respective boats for dinner, and then reconvened on Oakapple for more chat and refreshment!


A brilliant evening – thanks again to Richard and Sharon.

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