NB Muleless

NB Muleless
Moored at Alrewas Sept 2013

Friday, 3 October 2014

A detour and then in to Coventry!

The plan had been to head straight down into Coventry when leaving the Ashby Canal, but after mooring just before Hawkesbury Junction and having a small breakage with our shower shampoo dispenser, and realising that it was Friday (and not wanting to head into Coventry at the weekend!), we had to turn round and head north towards Atherstone!

Just before the Ashby Canal junction, we came across this sunken boat that hadnt been there just the day before!


As we headed through Nuneaton we took it really carefully – we didnt want a repeat of our “free willy” impression that we did almost a year ago when we first headed south!

We found a nice spot just above Nuneaton to moor overnight.


The next day we moved on to Atherstone and moored at the top of the locks. We didnt explore here on the way down, so had a good look round this time, and discovered there are two large Co-op stores in the town! How strange for a small town!

The next morning our “neighbours” had a fuel delivery and NB Auriga got very friendly with Muleless again!


We had to go right to the top of the locks to turn round and fill with water, we wont be heading down the Atherstone flight this year!


We then headed back to our nice spot just north of Nuneaton – only someone was moored there and we had to moor just round the corner!

The next day we headed back through Nuneaton. There are a lot of new build houses right next to the canal, and a lot of them are making use of their canal connection!


We then spotted what might have caused our “free willy” impression last year – you can see the shape of a boat bow in it!


Just below Nuneaton we moored by Bridge 16.

The next day we made the dangerous journey on foot to the Bermuda Business Park, where we had to collect our replacement shampoo dispenser from the Bathstore there! Mission accomplished, we also checked out where the Odeon Cinema was, just in case we needed it in future!

20-07-2013 Pic 014

Back at the boat we pulled pins and set off towards Hawkesbury Junction again!

After stopping to fill the water tank we finally headed down the canal in towards Coventry, by now the time was 3.30pm!


It is 5 1/2 miles down into Coventry, and as it was now Wednesday we wanted to have all day Thursday to look around before heading back out on Friday – still avoiding the weekend!

This was totally new territory for us!

Just on the first bend we passed these nice little marina type moorings.


Then we were heading under the M6!


There is a good towpath all along the canal, and also some unusual “comfy” seating – a concrete settee!


The natives were eyeing us up – but they seemed friendly!


There are a lot of quite new flats, not far from the Ricoh Arena.


Just through the next bridge there is a stretch of mooring rings – right opposite the Ricoh Arena, and Arena Park Shopping Centre, access from that bridge.

At the end of that section, just before the next bridge is the “unofficial” Tesco mooring site – as there is armco, but no rings! Access to Tesco over the bridge – or you can reach it from the previous bridge if you moor that end!


Just down the next stretch there is a lot of building works going on – and since receiving a stoppage notice from CRT we now know that Persimmon Homes are working here – they will be demolishing this bridge (7a) between 3 Nov and 14 Dec with the canal and towpath closed!


Round the bend, it turns very industrial for a short stretch.


The canal now runs next to a very main road, but it is the other side of a line of bushes. Opposite the bushes are joined by a variety of very large leafed ivy.


The canal passes under several road bridges – the main one is more like a tunnel!


and several of them have this strange sculpture – eventually I realised it was a “map” of the canal into Coventry!


We passed Swan Lane Wharf, and despite the lovely blue sky, it started to get chilly as the wind blew and clouds started to move in.


At this point one side of the canal is industrial, and on the other is housing – complete with floating plywood sheet!


As we got to the last mile, we spied this huge renovated office building


and just before the bridge an interesting sculpture – complete with local art!


A bit further on we passed lots of new student accommodation – though they didnt all have a clear view out of the windows!


Opposite is another large housing development area.


Dont know what broke these windows opposite though!


A lot of the buildings here have been renovated for the University.


This snazzy new bridge crosses the canal here.


More newish flats – right opposite the current building site and show home.


Round the last bend and the entrance to the basin is in sight.


A tight squeeze – and we are through!


We turned round and reversed on to a nice spot – joining quite a few other boats in the basin!


Arrived at last at 6pm!

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